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9 October 2019
Warsaw, Poland
Horizon 2020 for Circular Economy and Transforming Industry

Main organisers

Poland : National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU, IPPT PAN

Magdalena Glogowska magdalena.glogowska@kpk.gov.pl
Jarosław Piekarski jaroslaw.piekarski@kpk.gov.pl 

Poland : Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining 

Marta Karnkowska m.karnkowska@imbigs.pl 
Adam Balcerkiewicz a.balcerkiewicz@imbigs.pl

EEN co-organisers

NCP Brussels & Enterprise Europe Brussels
ZENIT GmbH / NRW.Europa
Agnieszka Kaminska-Swiat
Bavarian Research Alliance
Panteleimon Panagiotou
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
Mohini Keunen


Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology

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